… als gäb’s kein Morgen !!! at ExKindlBrauerei, Berlin

June 13 promised a good Saturday evening party (Saturday night fever, yeah, baby!).  Alte Kindl Brauerei in Neuköln promised a good techo-house event in the very industrial heart of ex-brewery of a well-known Berlin beer with a kid on the bottle label.

As most of good commercial parties in Berlin this one started with a long (at least half an hour) line in front of the door, as it was around 2 a.m. when we came there. The usual explanation for such lines is lack of place inside a club. Basically, the place we went was a former brewery with minimal decoration and renovation, therefore entering it was like going really deep into industrial underground. White walls, narrow stairs, metal constructions and 2 floors as a final destination in the very bottom of the party place…

The sounds are coming from the underground, the sounds of a techno heart of Europe, inspired by premises of the ex brewery with fetish metal and concrete construction all over the place. Just a perfect night for a perfect urban crowd.

Several minutes…  and we are in! Welcome to the Floor #1!


The first bigger floor was a bit overcrowded with a bunch of party people, but it was still possible to move and dance. It was a house floor, at least at the time we were there.

The DJs were totally enjoying themselves with a minimalistic set in between the pipes and strange constructions. Huge plasma screen with changing colors and simple graphics was creating a party atmosphere together with the music.

The line up for the first floor was as follows:

11 p.m. – 2 a.m.: cath’n’dan (eintakt records )

2 – 4 a.m.: channel x (kassette | stilvortalent)

4 -6 a.m.: m_ferri (kassette | autist)

6 -7 a.m.: funkenstrøm (symbiont-music) live

7 – 8 a.m.: geschwister schumann (symbiont-music | suchtfaktor) live

8 a.m.: michael placke & mongroove (reclaim the sparkasse, exquisite-berlin)


After some while our curiosity led us to the FLOOR #2, which turned out to be a darker gothic place with candles, strange industrial cage smell and soft lights. The music was also calmer and deeper, in fact, it was deep techno/house.

There was a lounge zone that was exactly in the right place as the whole atmosphere was rather relaxing and reminded of a past glory of beer production that turned to a simple industrial floor for real industrial party for urban people.

The line up for the floor was as follows:

1 – 4 a.m.: ryan sielas (symbiont-music)

4 – 6 a.m.: se*bo (bachstelzen)

6 – 8 a.m. : hula hula reisegruppe (happy.aua.recordings | shitlabel)


It was a good party that proved the techno/house nature of Berlin night life and gave an insight into the current situation of the urban party culture of the city.

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