record reviews edition : “all time clasics” Platinum Breaks compilation by Metalheadz

Today here on insti2te , we start a new edition concerning record reviews. Feel free to send us your record reviews , possibly you could  w send about  something we dont know and , we would  love to search , learn for. We definitely love to  listen new stuff ..


If you never listen before to the legendary Platinum Breakz compilation , you really cant imagine how I feel since yesterday  when I found the first double CD of the series Platinum Breakz released by Metalheadz in 1996 somewhere in my stuff . Platinum Breakz represents perfectly the music lovers who rather believe that drum n bass is still style with a lot of stories to tell.. Actually Platinum Breakz remains one of the most progressive drum n bass/jungle compilations that constanlty everybody recognizes as “holly shit”. I encourage 100% you to ask around , find that complilation and listen carefully. The first part of the compilation is rather more atmospheric ,artists such as Doc Scot with the track “far away” and the gorgeous “your sound’ by J Majik are some of my favorites. The Second part of Platinum Breaks is full of hard breakz and dancy vibes. I would be amazed to read your comments about..


1.1 Rufige Kru – V.I.P. Riders Ghost (7:25)
1.2 Peshay – Psychosis (8:41)
1.3 Doc Scott – Far Away (7:56)
1.4 Dillinja – The Angels Fell (5:52)
1.5 J Majik – Your Sound (6:09)
1.6 Photek – Conciousness (7:04)
1.7 Hidden Agenda – The Flute Tune (6:07)
1.8 Wax Doctor – The Spectrum (8:22)
1.9 Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (6:14)

2.1 Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost (8:47)
2.2 Lemon D – In My Life (8:19)
2.3 Source Direct – A Made Up Sound (6:19)
2.4 Digital – Down Under (7:27)
2.5 Asylum – Da Base II Dark (6:03)
2.6 J Majik – Final Approach (7:31)
2.7 Dillinja – Armoured D (5:06)
2.8 Peshay – The Nocturnal (Back On The Firm) (7:25)

5 thoughts on “record reviews edition : “all time clasics” Platinum Breaks compilation by Metalheadz

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