fusion 2009 photos


here are some pics from our trip to the fusion festival 2009…


turmbühne was pretty overcrowded with a rather unsympathic techno mob, but the tanzwiese was totally nice. it became the place to dance for us all these days 🙂



holiday-communism is what they call this festival…


and thousands come for that… actually i heard about 70.000 (but nothing official yet..). it’s really crowded actually. but if you search and don’t get upset you still can find quiet spaces and wonderful parties.


i liked this years setup at the turmbühne much more than the goa-styled flower last year…

some more places:


the central area of the old airport, red flags everywhere 🙂


there is also a diversive culture programme with cinema, theater, performance and so on…


dj’s and liveacts. here are plemo and rampue from the Audiolith label


a big playground for fucked up adults in the middle…


… and nice freaks in the more hidden areas.


the morning view with the big plastic moon over a plastic toilet fortress.

we stayed until monday with these people…:




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