Summer in Hungary

This summer promises to be hot in Hungary. Apart from usual +30 the air is warmed up by numerous festivals – from pop-music to Jewish cultural fests. Information about the relevant festivals will appear here during the summer. Meanwhile – here is an overview of what is going to add to the heat of Hungary:

VOLT (1-4 July , Sopron [rock/pop]): AND

HEGYALJA FESTIVAL (15 – 19 July 2009, Tokaj – Rakamaz [pop]):

BALATON SOUND (9 – 12 July, Zamárdi [electro]): AND

SZIGET (12-17 August 2009, Óbudai island, Budapest [rather pop/rock/world music]): OR AND

O.Z.O.R.A. (11-16 August 2009, Ozora. The 10th anniversary! [goa trance]):

JEWISH SUMMER FESTIVAL (30 August – 7 September, Budapest [cultural fest]):

A full list of the festivals (in Hungarian, but you can understand the dates, names and places):

A final remark concerns… money! Namely, how much is usually spent on festivals in Hungary:

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