The biggest goa trance festival in Hungary celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2009!!!

11-16 August, near Ozora town (between Pecs and Budapest, relatively close to Siofok – one of the famous party towns next to Balaton) thousands of goa trance people from all around the world will gather to celebrate great time and summer mood. Come and join the waves of jolly people and cheerful environment!!!

Some movement

11 thoughts on “O.Z.O.R.A.

  1. Hi!

    My name is Gavin, I’m from London, England. A few friends and I will be coming to Budapest for the weekend of the 28th – 30th of August. We recently came back from the Glade Festival in England and we really love psy trance (also techno etc) and are trying to find a good party on for that weekend. We have never been to hungary before so we don’t know anywhere!

    Would you be able to help us find somwehre cool?

    Thank you very much for any help you can give..

    Much love!

    Gavin & friends

  2. The lineup includes:
    Juno Reactor, Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Hallucinogen, Entheogenic, Vibrasphere, Talamasca, Solar Fields, Ott, Asura, Man With No Name, Electric Universe, Aes Dana, Andromeda, Etnica, Total Eclipse, Prometheus, Protoculture, Silicon Sound, Atmos, Liquid Soul, Son Kite, Pleiadians, Transwave, Ocelot, Echotek, Logic Bomb, Blue Planet Corporation, Jaia, Derango, Tristan, Cord, Cosmo, Furious, Neuromotor, Soul Surfer, Hyper Frequencies, Allaby, Kashyyyk, TrippyHippies, irgum burgum, Simon B, Digital Tooki, Kalumet in dub, Atati, Peter Didjital and ChillInBerlin.
    MORE: http://www.hadra.net/index.php?goto=/agenda.php?view=4911

  3. hi Peti! as far as I know this is the contact address of the festival , I dunno any other unless this one. are you going to the festival? would you like to send us a report?

  4. Yes I’m going to the festival, but still did’t get any answer from this e-mail address. And for which Agency do you work?

    Thanks for the info,

    See you there??


  5. Slovenia what a great place I ve been several times there , Im from Athens living in Berlin. Actually what is going on with the party scene in Slovenia? We are fully interest to know , what do you think to send us some reports when ever you like ??? cheers

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