Report from Last Friday night Party in Athens

Last Friday an electronic music collective named Aposidonismos organized an open air event in the center of Athens. The party held at the yard of the Politechnical university. The sounds were mostly drum n bass , dubstep , techno acording actually the interests of the organizers. Actually this time I got impressed from that event , first of all because I really liked the dubstep who the dj selected as well as the skills of the MC ,  unfortunately dunno his name (PLEASE SEND ME A COMMENT IF YOU DO). The only problem was that not so many people joined , it seems that everybody is already escaped from the city , for summer vacation and perhaps that the dubstep was not enought especially for us who wanted to dance. I forgot to mention that were also some weird nasty noise Dj sets without much to say , especially If you have some knowledge.  Sorry for not posting pictures but as far as I know was strictly forbiden

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