new represion wave in France against Free Festivals and non commercial soundsystems (teknivals)


A new repression wave of the Sarkozis Government is taking place recently in France. The police special Forces attacked and arrest ravers in the streets of Paris during the “fete la muzique” celebration in the end of the last month. New laws , Police statements and tactics are focusing on the final distraction of the free party culture in France and the whole free rave itself , as it happened in England and other places of Europe already. I read comments from all around Europe who tried to oppose   other “dogmatic” activists (especially in Greece)who consider TEKNIVALS as free drug paradise , in the end supporting the State,  in order to legalize its  repression activity. The repression against teknivals is repression against any individual who respects her self , against every freedom , creativity  , art and humanity progress. Im already planning next weeks to spread info material as well as try to organize workshops in Athens and Berlin concerning the new Laws and situation in Europe. To whom it may concern to help with information , material , solidarity posters or whatever , contact with us with subject TEKNIVAL SOLIDARITY

MORE info about the situation in France at

about TEKNIVALS and politics check at DATACIDE magazine

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