Kazantrip Festival Ukraine 1- 21st of August

kaOne of the longest dance festivals in Europe , the Kazantrip or informal known as  “Z” will take place again this year in  Ukraine. The pre sale opens at 25th of July and the official start at 1st of August. The festival opens by Paul Van Dyk. If you never been in Ukraine , I guess this is a good oportunity unless if you find the festival too mainstream. 

The festival is named for the Kazantyp headland near which it was held from 1995-1999. During that time the festival took place inside the turbine compartment of the unfinished Crimean Nuclear Power Plant near Shchelkino. The festival was moved to the Vesyoloe settlement in 2000. Since 2001 the festival has been held in the Crimean town of Popovka. It advertises itself as a “virtual republic” with over 300 DJs on more than 14 dance floors which play 21 hours per day. The republic is held on a piece of land that is 60,000 square metres(15 acres

If you wanna know more about the festival’s location , history and line up , visit the official english webpage of the festival , which is http://www.kazantip.com/

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