Sonica – reloaded 2009 31st of July – 3rd of August ” music and location details”

Sonica is opening its gates in few days , insti2te will be there reporting for you … we publish the location details as well as other usefull details
[RELOADED] vision based on increasing in value of the 4 natural elements is linked to the music according to its essence of advanced communication form between frequencies and senses.
MUSIC is therefore a basic media of cultural enhancement for naturally sharing every positive value. It represents the composed element of WATER, the first one necessary for the life, and expressing the feelings and the sensations, sensibility and curiosity for the unknown.

Music will flow among 3 spaces and it will get 3 declinations according to the other 3 elements: FIRE – AIR – EARTH


Reloading the FIRE element, expressing energy, vitality, creativity and action


Reloading the AIR element, showing intelligence, ideas, reasoning and inventiveness


Reloading the EARTH element, representing armony, balance, reliability and force.

By Plane:

– Rome Fiumicino L. Da Vinci (FCO) – Intercontinental Terminal

-> Go to the train terminal and take the local train to Orte (1 train an hour). Get down at Civitacastellana stop.
Outside this station you’ll find the shuttle-bus to Reloaded.

– Rome Ciampino (CIA) – Low Cost Company Terminal

-> Outside the terminal you’ll find the shuttle-bus to Reloaded.


The shuttle-buses will leave from:

– Ciampino Airport (60 km from the location)
– Civitacastellana Train Station (20 km from the location)

All info about timetable, rates and how to buy the bus-tickets will be updated soon.

In Treno:

The nearest train station is Civitacastellana. From this station will leave the shuttle-buses to Reloaded.

From Rome, take the Rome-Viterbo line from Piazzale Flaminio Terminus (A line underground) and stop at Civitacastellana.
There are trains from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm

By Car:

From Central Rome: take the S.S.2 Cassia until Km 35.400, then follow Mazzano Romano. OR take the S.S.3 Flaminia until Km 38.500 (Rignano Flaminio), then follow Faleria, Calcata, until Mazzano Romano, Monte Gelato site.

From G.R.A.: exit 5 Cassia Veientana (S.S.2 Cassia bis), to Viterbo until exit Mazzano Romano.

From High-way A1: exit Magliano Sabina, then take the S.S.3 Flaminia to Rome, then follow Civita Castellana, Faleria, Calcata until Mazzano Romano, Monte Gelato site.

By Bus:

Rome – Mazzano Romano line

Departures with COTRAL Buses from Saxa Rubra Terminus.
You can get to Saxa Rubra by city bus ATAC-232 (Piazza Mancini Terminus)

COTRAL Hot-line: 800150008
(mon-fri 6.00 am – 08.00 pm / sat 9.00 am – 5.00 pm)

2 thoughts on “Sonica – reloaded 2009 31st of July – 3rd of August ” music and location details”

  1. yes, i’ll be there. so everybody look out for the “shituationist institute” t-shirt

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