haven’t heard from me the last days… the others were so nice to prepare many posts, so now it’s time for something. top 20. techno, electro and so on, this time i decided to give you links for some online sources where you can have a first listen of the artists. no particular order, the songs i really recommend as a must-listen are marked…

first an incredible nice combo that i saw at fusion:

pupkulies & rebecca – pink pillow (!)

nice voice on this one, was pretty hyped in the blogging scene:

O. Children  –  Dead Disco Dancer

more electro:

tora vinter – calling kyoto (tora vinter also has a fever ray triangle walks remix out)

björk in the dance mix…:

ratatat remix björk – wanderlust

more dance music/remixes:

Soulwax remix MGMT – Kids (!)

Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze : Comptine d’un autre été

Acid Pauli feat. Johnny Cash – I see a dark(er)ness (!)

Kollektiv turmstrsse remix Hot Chip – Touch Too Much

Empire of the Sun  –  Walking On a Dream (Kids At The Bar remix)

LMFAO  –  La La La (Terror Dactel remix) (this is not really a fav of me, but to add some pop after all these above the clouds vocals is maybe necessary)

Kavinsky vs MIA

and so on, some techno:

Rundfunk 3000 Loop Durch Raum Und Zeit

Larry Heard Pres. Mr White – The Sun Can’t Compare

Reboot – Caminando

Sally doolally – Waterblocks rework

Juno6 – I can not sleep

Motone – Indo Silver Club (!) edit:fixed the link

and to finish this up to a real twenty, two pirate songs for you:

The Curse of Monkey Island – A pirate I was meant to be

Scotty – The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Remix)

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