Rio Festival in Budapest


Radio 1 presents… a continuation of summer festivals chain in Hungary! This time a bunch of DJs and bands will warm up hot Budapest (yes, it is around +35 here these days) for the whole week from July 27 to July 31! I guess tehir aim is to turn Budapest into Rio, at least for the end of July. Or, maybe, this is just the name of the open air club on the bank of the Danube that gave the name to the festival, who knows.

To some people this festival may seem too pop, but this is the matter of taste. Among the majority of Hungarian persormers such famous names as Markus Schulz, Roger Sancsez, Morcheeba and Sander van Doorn can be found.

The latter are headliners of each corresponding day, otherwise people ususally attracted by big names won’t bother coming to the party in the middle of the week.

If you want to get more detailed program, just visit the Rio Festival website:

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