all right people, summer in berlin fails a bit this year. many outdoor events get flooded by rain. but the last days we were a bit more lucky. maybe you wondered why i don’t write party reports so often anymore. it’s because i visited many events at very nice places (berghain, bar25, about blank) and didn’t want to write a sloopy report like “spent 15 hours at berghain, one of my best club experiences, still excited”. because… i think it’s rather irrelevant, thousands go there and just enjoy, and on the other hand i don’t want to be this club-guide like writer just giving you the facts “how to get into berghain”, “what’s the timetable in bar25” and so on…. when i get in a kind of poetic mood again i will share some of the experiences with you. if you just want some hard facts about berlin clubs just ask 🙂
on thursday i will leave to italy, our blog will be even more sporadic than now. first i’ll go to re:loaded (aka the new sonica) and then head over to the greek islands. 2 weeks later i shall show you the pics and tell nasty stories about fancypunk 😉

meanwhile, listen to this nice track of deshlab, called summer rain

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