Berlin: IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE? A Tribute To Arthur Russell SAM 01.08.09

A Tribute To Arthur Russell

SAM 01.08.09 14:00Uhr TO …??

A Guy Called Gerald
Tony Lionni
Len Faki
James Ruskin
Sandwell District special feat. Regis & Function
Savas Pascalidis
DJ Kaos
Sven Dohse
Alan Sommerville
Hof Gutow
DJ Mack
Kenny Cee

Entrance: Advance €10 VVK / Door €15 AK
Pre-sale Tickets / Vorverkauf: Akeef Berlin / Rotation Records / Bourbon Fashion / Powerpark Record Store
Busshuttle from Ostkreuz
Ehhhhh? Is this a Disco night ? Well, not quite….

The name IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE is a classic West End disco track from 1980 by Arthur Russell, producer, musician, artist… and now – a two day tribute rave celebrating electronic dance music in all it’s forms.

Starting Saturday, 01 August, 14:00 until Sunday, 02 August late into the night, the complete area will be transformed into an unusual celebration location to present music from downtempo to techno to house to disco – a free mix of sounds and textures that do not adhere to anyone’s rules of how electronic dance music is supposed to be.

In Berlin there is of course a large selection of suitable locations, but the Rechenzentrum / Funkpark is very special. It has the best of both worlds with its Funkpark Outdoor nature AREA on the river and the INDOOR cube with its full club soundsystem and massive dancefloor – the only rival to Function One’s monopoly in Berlin. This place is unequalled in Berlin – perfect for a party inside and outside in high summer.

And now to the music: Among others Len Faki, James Ruskin (UK), Redshape, Sandwell District featuring Regis and Function (NYC/UK), Savas Pascalidis and Whatyes will show why they rank among the most popular international artists and prove how they have made the dancefloors of the world happy. A Guy Called Gerald (UK) will welcome us into his studio with another epic freestyle LIVE session. The outdoor area will bring us the dub to techno spectrum that is Deadbeat Live and an Arthur Russell tribute set by DJ Kaos. To bring the currywurst taste into the fish n chips we mixed up Berlin and London local heroes with Tony Lioni – Live, Sven Dohse, Hof Gutow, Kenny Cee (UK), Alan Sommerville (UK), DJ Mack, Bleed and Janina.

Kinetic AM & Klangsucht

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