Goa Gil & Ariane in Budapest

The legend of goa trance is on his world tour (http://www.goagil.com/). On July 18-19 he visited Budapest with 24 set over a weekend…


The party started on Saturday evening and continued until Sunday. As I left at 8a.m. and the party was still going on, I cannot tell the exact time when it finished. First of all, the location was really perfect for a good goa trance party – an open air somewhere between the hills in several km from the village called Budakeszi. This village is situated to the north of Budapest in a hilly continuation of Buda side, 10 km far from the Budapest city centre. A party bus was delivering people from the village to the party location which was ca. 1 km away from the road which meant nice walking in the total darkness.


The decorations were simple but nice and some infrastructure like places with drinks, snacks and some usual stuff like clothes and similar occupied the place around the dance grounds. The rest was occupied by tents…


Goa Gil turned out to be alone, no Arianne was seen around. Interestingly, uncle Gil was all the time on the stage without leaving it but for some 2-3 minutes once several hours. I wonder how much energy he has for a 24 set!

The crowd was freezing a bit, but after midnight when the psy rhythms became totally fast the crowd got warmed up by crazy jumping and dancing around…

Overall, the music was really great, mostly these were new tracks with which Goa is on tour nowadays. The rhythm was rather fast and melodic at the same time changing in some broken rhythmic pieces and then some calm tune that was ready to convert back to high speed melody. Some lighting effects and usual fire play tried to follow the music to contribute to atmosphere.

People were enjoying the music and themselves until morning when the crowd started to dissolve in the nature… Goa still kept on playing, hopefully he also enjoyed Hungarian (mostly) audience and will come back at some point in the future.

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