Summer updates: some useful info in case you are traveling to the Greek Islands

We are in the middle of the summer and in the southern border of fortress Europe (Greek region) is over crowed already. Especially in the greek islands of Aegean sea the situation is getting even more crazy. Tourists from all around Europe are searching for some sand , sea , sex and alcohol , consuming as much as they can and so on. This exactly makes the atmosphere unfordable. Im in the island of Naxos since two weeks in Cyclades and I rather wanna escape from this Island as soon as possible. The reason is that here the owners try to steal as much money as possible from the “stupid” foreigners as well as offering as much bad services as they can in order to make more profit. In Naxos there is no techno scene , I definitely dont recomend to any raver  this island , the beer costs really much and the people are nastily unfriendly. The other way around is definitely happening at Ios Island quite close to Mykonos. There everything is cheaper and normaly you can camp for a cheap price or for free. Pay attention always that free camping is strictly forbidden all around the Greek state and you might be really carefull , always ask people around if they saw police the days before you arrive etc . For the people who are a bit broke and wanna travel to Greece in the summer probably is not good idea. Anyways Balkan area is having better places and more beautiful than Greece , virgin and cheap. If anyone of you wanna meet the insti2te contributors patsober , drofnothing and fancypunk please come to the main twon of Ios , we are gonna be there from 4th of August till 14th. see you …

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