insti2te record reviews : Stephan Bodzin Liebe ist

This months record reviews edition is about one album which had been on top of my interest for a long time  , especially concerning minimalistic  techno sounds. Approximately a year ago  I was in the car with some friends , going to party ,  I had the idea to insert in the car’s cd player “the liebe ist”. We listened carefully and we came up to the conclusion that Liebe ist is one of the best techno albums we ever heard  the last years. Stephan Bodzin is an artist with great inspiration , if you dont have liebe ist at your collection , I think that  it would be great to get it soon , Im sure that you will have it on the “repeat” for a long time.ste


1 Mondfahrt (6:38)
2 Planet Ypsilon (6:14)
3 Liebe Ist… (7:14)
4 Fahrenheit (6:43)
5 Turbine (7:58)
6 Luka-Leon (7:23)
7 Kerosene (7:19)
8 Sonnenwind (7:26)
9 Meteor (7:33)
10 Leuchtkraft (6:54)
11 Vendetta (6:36)

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