TRIM012 “Feed the culture EP” out now!!!

trimo12 cover

We tried hard again to find some truly original beats…!
Out now on 2×12”:

Aeph – „The Dogsick“

Rregula & Dementia & Smooth – „Obfuscate“

Misha – „Deserts Of Time“

Aenimal – „System Fuse (Dabs remix)“

Watch out for 10 MP3..s more that are part of the EP and will be released digitally, date will be announced shortly**

Kantyze “Sentinels”
Engage ”Amalgam”
Cruel Culture & Cut “Twisted Nature”
Imprintz & Dilemn “Questionz”
Paperclip “Flashback”
Incident “Serial Killer”
T Tech ”Behind the Hill”
Triage “Weak Mind”
Redco “Data”
Custom Soldierz “Minoan”

Pls check our *neeew* website for more previews, infos and links.. !

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