insti2te monthly special edition August 2009 : “Ed Rush and Optical”

optical and ad rushWe come up this month with a new special edition concerning two drum n bass artists who still write history. Ed rush and optical often collaborate to something good. Ed Rush is the recording name of Ben Settle; a prominent jungle , techstep , drum n bass dj and Matt Quinn, better known as Optical, is a drum n bass producer from UK.So far both together became popular in the drum n bass scene and beyond because their constant  good work. Optical released his first single for Metalheadz which is the “To Shape the Future’/’Raging Calm” in 1997 and afterwards his collaborative album with Ed Rush under the name wormhole in 1998. The duo followed this debut album with The Creeps (2000) and The Original Doctor Shade (2003), as well as countless singles and remixes. Ed Rush hailing from west London , he came to prominence with the release of the track Bludclot Artattack in 1993 (a collaboration with producer Nico Sykes). As techstep emerged as a new subgenre of jungle/drum & bass he was at the fore, releasing well-received tracks such as Guncheck (1995), Killamanjaro and Skylab EP (both 1996), but recording chiefly for Sykes’ No U-Turn Records imprint. His work of this time is included in the Techsteppin (1996) and Torque (1997) compilation albums. Both of them made several good collaboations with other drum n bass producers from the UK such as grooverider and so on , always promised something good. I still constantly follow their music , remaining a duo  who  I really apriciates their stuff. Probably you will find it really good , just think that they started a  cool sub genre .. You should check wikipedia and their websites for updates , news , list of albums , singles and more information. thats all from me this month , Im running again on the beach ..

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