sonica reloaded 2009 pictures and report

ok finally i found some time to prepare the pictures from sonica reloaded for you… but first some words.

i’m not that much a fan of trance, but happened to be at this festival for a complex set of reasons :). and surprisingly enough, i favored the trance stage. the mix of all these retro/neo hippies on weed, psychodelic vj-projections and incredible nature (the festival was surrounded by the woods of the treja national park) made it a nice experience. i felt a bit in the wrong place since this is not my scene, but in the end it was nice. comparing experiences with fancypunk we found that the festival has become a lot smaller than the old sonica festivals and that they reduced the programme a lot. there was only the big trance stage and a little stage with all the rest from reggae to drum’n’bass and surprisingly also some pretty nice techno. plus there was some performance, workshop and healing area. i watched 10 minutes of a spiritual healing workshop, it was really funny :). one nice thing was that this festival is really aware of ecological impact of their work, so they made a big deal around recycling and not fucking up the area. ok to sum up my impression: go there if you are a neo-hippie with a favor for trance music, you will like it a lot.

and now on to the photo impressions:


the first day, not much going on, you can see the second stage on the right. ate an incredible pizza from the pizza collective, hat tip.


hippies healing their hurt souls in the workshop area


tents used for massage workshops, and on the left the non-smoking area which was empty all the time. i met some interesting people from barcelona there while charging my phone who squatted it as a sleeping space and gave me some interesting stuff as a present….


some dj’s at the second stage who had a lot of fun with their set and with the stage decoration. notice that the area was powered by a function one sound system which was great basically, but the technical team managed to fuck up the sound nevertheless, there was a horrible echo.


dancing in the sun at the main stage


second stage from far at night


inside the tent of the second stage


the installations of the main stage


the main stage at night. they stopped the music at 2 in the morning each day, which was a quite interesting experience for me…Β  just imagine Senseo pulling of a really pushing set and everybody is sent away after that by big white lights and silence.


ravers at the main stage


and one last pic of the incredible surrounding nature

8 thoughts on “sonica reloaded 2009 pictures and report

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  2. only if someone invites me πŸ™‚ (i was also part of an art project at sonica, i wouldn’t have gone there otherwise)

  3. Ok Im not a supporter of Sonica instead Boom but I have the impression that Boom is really commercial , not really good line up and reallyyyyy packed. Im not sure if I would ever like to attend to a festival like that one..Dunno maybe Im wrong

  4. well sonica was really too small, boom at least is really bigger and the location also seems nice. also really good djs are playing on the groove floor, like marcel dettmann (!).

  5. but for example me Im a fan of trance festivals πŸ˜€ good vibes sometimes πŸ˜€ thanks for writing mate and I wish a happy new year.. thanks for the link as well

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