special edition: Brockdorff Klang Labor, the crew that put the G in Leipzig


pic by dr0fn0thing at the BKL gig in Lokal/Berlin

Today we are writing about a more special progressive bands that we love. It’s Brockdorff Klang Labor from Leipzig (that’s somewhere not so far from Berlin in Germany). If you are from Berlin and were at their concert in the Supamolly in Berlin you might have recognoized that we started to establish a bit of a contact to them, Sergeant Klang was promoting our blog to the crowd that didn’t understand what he was talking/shouting about 😉

Ok but before I go to deep into the insider stuff let’s start with the hard facts. Problem is, all facts are a bit vague, because this band has a complicated history.

At some point back in the late 90s they were formed as a laboratorium band in the student scene of Leipzig. 12 band members, today there are only 3… 1997 they released some first tapes after going into the endless depths of electronical music. at some point in the early zeros the band, that had become a duo meanwhile, met with ekki eck and numerous electronical toys (aka serious equipment). after some little releases in 2005 and really amazing sessions in manchester they had there first big release in 2007: Mädchenmusic (translates: girl music). even Fancypunk who doesn’t understand so many of the german texts was amazed, as you can clearly see in his review for the shituationist institute. and by the way, the album also features jens friebe, a quite renowned german pop musican and journalist.

they like to ride this avantgard, post-situationist wave: here is a impression from their early sessions back in manchester:

I don’t know when I saw them first live, maybe when they played in the festsaal kreuzberg. We featured them on our blog the first time as “They are like post-situationist, pre-new-rave, electro-punk, smart lab rockers.”


But i remember for sure when I met one of them the last time, it was at one of the famous parties in Bar25, by one of our favorite party crews, the Bachstelzen. The most important infos for you that I remember from meeting Sergeant Klang are that they are recording an album right now, which will be a bit rougher and harder that the Mädchenmusik one and that they will start playing the new songs pretty soon. Stay tuned for a review on this blog for sure.

Next wednesday they are playing a little secret livingroom gig in Berlin in front of 50 people and guess what I got myself a ticket, so maybe by next week I will be able to tell you some new band gossip and  about the newest songs from BKL…

meanwhile here are some links for you:

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