Mafia Dance Festival – Mafia Island Tanzania/Africa 1st-15th August 2010

Mafia Dance Festival has been cancelled! see our update here: link

***FANCYPUNK’S note , all my friends who have visited Aurora Festival this year are talking about Mafia fest in Tanzania /Afrika that it will take place  next year (2010 , probably I will try to get a ticket .. it seems the best offer for next year. You can find info soon from the organizer’s  official website as well as we will try to learn more about the whole idea and post it here. At the moment I just found the flyer and some more details on facebook , please send us your comments and concrete info , if you know something more than us.
mafia1 – 15 August 2010




A 15-Day multi-cultural music and arts festival offering a step into paradise…

Featuring 150 Top International and African Artists on 4 stages…

Mafia Dance Festival will be hosted in one of the most extraordinary exotic island of the world …


The festival venue will be located in a coconut forest, next to the beach…!!!

The name Mafia is derived from the Arabic, meaning “group” or “archipelago”, or from the Swahili meaning “the land that heals”.

Mafia island is the largest of a small archipelago of islands and lies 25km off the coast of Tanzania in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Much of the island and surrounding archipelago is a designated Marine Park, and remains an untouched paradise of original coastal forests, surrounded by one of the world’s richest marine habitats.

Mafia has a rich history going back 2.000 years partly due to its location in the trading route, between Kilwa and Zanzibar, and there are many ancient ruins scattres between the archipelagos that give you the feeling you have stepped back in time!

Tanzania captures the very essence of the African continent, and distils it into one country, an African Eden of natural riches and cultural wealth. The land of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro Crater, the Maasai with 120 more tribes, is a very welcoming and approachable country of Africa…

The tickets for Mafia Dance Festival will be limited to 3000. We advise you to get your tickets as soon as the presale starts, as demand is very high and very few tickets will be available at the doors (if not sold out).

We want to protect the island’s untouched nature and the quality of the festival. We believe that this is the best for all of us to enjoy and the best way for the organisation to facilitate everyone for this first edition.

Presale will start early October 2009.

Organised FLIGHTS-TRANSPORT will be provided!

All info will follow in September 2009 through our official website, facebook and myspace page.


6 thoughts on “Mafia Dance Festival – Mafia Island Tanzania/Africa 1st-15th August 2010

  1. Hi i’m not commenting but just want to know how i can register my crew known as passa passa dance project uganda, it’s a dance project which uses bboy, break dance, contemporally dance and other elements of hip hop, so i would like us to be part of the festival and i wanted to know how we can get connected

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