this friday at cargo in berlin

you might have recognized the new link at the top where we call for contributions/party recommendations/local reports… first flyer that showed up there is about a nice new club in berlin, called the cargo (it’s at revaler str. near to astra, RAW, cassiopeia, suicide circus)
this friday they will have the following line-up:
Cath’n’Dan (Eintakt)
Axel Bartsch (Kompakt // Sportclub)
Schulz (Kassette // Vekton Musik)
Geschwister Schumann (symbiont-music) live
Georg Wedel (Subdup Digitales //symbiont-music)
Funkenstrøm (symbiont-music) live
Helge Baumberg (Geraeuschsympathie)
Enrico Voss (Jamido)
Mica (symbiont-music) live
Gustav Grub (symbiont-music)
My K (symbiont-music)
Ryan Sielas (symbiont-music)
it’s by &

i will not make it, because i’m out of town, you will see me there probably:

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