brockdorff klang labor secret gig report

2 weeks ago one of our favorite bands played a secret livingroom gig in berlin, i was there and took some pictures for you…


the first band was Brockdorff Klang Labor, the other band that i didn’t know before was Katze, you can see BKL playing here and the other band sitting around… i liked the athmosphere at the gig, even if it was a bit absurd to sit on a sofa and listen to rave music.


as you might remeber from my introduction to BKL on this blog, they did a track with jens friebe for there last album (a new one is being worked on). jens friebe also was at that gig, so we could hear a rare live performance of their collaborative song (mädchenmusik)


the whole thing started a bit late and just as BKL had finished the neighbour called the police to ensure that her cat could sleep well. ironically the second band was called katze (means cat in german) and are the self-proclaimed “loudest band of berlin” as they whispered in the microphone. they played a kind of accoustic gig that I enjoyed very much nevertheless. especially the stylophon, hadn’t seen a thing like this before used live.

one last note: sergeant klang from the brockdorff klang labor is having dj sessions at various parties the next months, see the dates on the bkl myspace, also some new gig dates of bkl have been announced.

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