party announcements around the globe: TSUYOSHI SUZKI _ Friday 27th November @ ROOM680


SUB teams up with ROOM 680 to present the original Japanese psytrance master

SUB & ROOM680 present


SUB teams up with ROOM 680 to present the original Japanese master TSUYOSHI SUZUKI with star studded local line-up featuring: Benza, Ozzy, Suntribe, Johnny Mac, Punkz on Junk, Andrew Till & Tim Harvey for a night of deep psychedelic vibes thru tech, psy-trance and progressive beats.

TSUYOSHI SUZUKI (Feedback Recordings, JAPAN)
As co-founder of the legendary trance label Matsuri Productions based in London from ’94 to ’99, he is also one of the world’s best known trance and techno DJs. He was the resident DJ at the famous Return to the Source in England in 1994, and Twilo New York in 2000. He has played some of the biggest electronic events worldwide including the Berlin Love Parade, Sydney’s Mardi Gras, the Fuji Rock Festival, Tribal Gathering, Phoenix Festival, Rainbow 2000, Earthcore and Return to the Source to name but a few.

He has been producing music since 1994 on literally hundreds of labels worldwide and has been the musical director for Issey Miyake and Versace (Tokyo). In 1999 he started the monthly night at New York’s famous ARC (ex-Vinyl, Twilo). He returned to his roots in Tokyo in 2000 and started his own regular party Tokiodrome ( at the famous Liquid Room and from October 2004 he is back playing regularly in New York at BLVD.

Dj Tsuyoshi also alias’s as Numanoid – an eclectic blend of Electro, rock and house beats. He also has a live electro act (Joujouka) with Minoru Tsunoda aka Funky Gong.

DJ Tsuyoshi is undoubtedly Japan’s hottest psy-trance export!

Massive local line up support over two rooms with

BENZA -Live (Sub) CD Launch for new album ‘If’

OZZY (Tribeadelic)

SUNTRIBE (Frequency buzz rec/ Moonsun rec/Revelation)


ANDREW TILL (Psy-Harmonics/Sub)


TIM HARVEY (Rainbow Serpent)




Friday, 27 November 2009 at 22:00
Saturday, 28 November 2009 at 07:00
680 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn, Australia

4 thoughts on “party announcements around the globe: TSUYOSHI SUZKI _ Friday 27th November @ ROOM680

  1. “DJ Tsuyoshi is undoubtedly Japan’s hottest psy-trance export!”

    Well.. I totally agree with this statement! Very nice and interesting post Pan. Its very nice having news from that corner of earth which was always a pioneer in experimental electronica. Always the sound of psyharmonics records(Sub actually is a sub label of psyharmonics) and Matsuri rec. was some years or decades far away of some other European labels sound.
    I hope to have more news about parties from Australia and as well as from Japan.

    Cheers mate!!!

  2. I remember myself of discussing for ages about Tsuyoshi , yeah He is definitely Japan’s hottest psy trance . Val Do you remember when He visited for the last time Greece ??? probably Alsos was still open that time. Maybe you should attempt a special edition for him also or rather better ask him for an online interview … what do you think?

  3. aha.. good idea Pan! can’t remember the last time he visited Greece..
    he wasn’t so regular visitor.
    very innovated artist, always experimenting on his sound!

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