netaudio festival in berlin this weekend

important news: this weekend is the netaudio festival in berlin.


for all the readers from other places: there will be a livestream: Tune in: 08.10.10pm cet – 11.10.??pm HERE here are the details of the stream.

and here’s an intro:

The musical focus lies on a selection of Berlin’ finest electronic music, namely, House, Techno and Minimal. However, many artists from the fields of Ambient, Noise, Dub, Drum’n’Bass, Pop, Triphop, Dubstep, Breakbeats, Drone, Hip Hop and Techdub will add to the varied musical program. Although the netaudio scene consists of artists mostly unknown to the broader public, many names have already earned international recognition. This is reflected in the lineup of the evenings programme, crowned by such illustrious figures as Pheek, D. Diggler, Erich Lesovsky, Marc Schneider, Goldwill, Tanith, Stereoshape, SCSI-9, Disrupt, Holger Flinsch, Marko Fürstenberg, and the Kraftfuttermischwerk. With over 100 participating artists spread over 3 nights, the netaudio festival gives a comprehensive insight into the various musical genres and brings netaudio music to life for participants and visitors. The day program includes numerous workshops and discussions with top experts as well as a film program, showcases, netaudio fair, and various contributions from other art forms.

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