Mechanik Sound Records “Psycho Laboratory Part II” .

psychoThe worldwide famous laboratory is open once again to develop some amazing hidden results brought to you by our top researchers Insanix (Mechanik Records Label Manager) and none other than Gill Beraud aka Hyper Frequencies. After years this dangerous Lab has open its doors to experiment on hazardous beats, sharp melodies and excessive sound levels making this creation a must on top of the list. This special ” Part II ” of Mechaniks first ever compilation has been secretly developed combining todays best top artists with a 10 track formula… from the family Hyper Frequencies, Neuromotor vs Cosmochaos, Akros, Crazy Lions Cult, Decerto, accesing the restricted area of the lab we have Painkiller, Lost & Found, Digital Talk vs Outer Signal, Z3ro from Speedball and Random vs Sentient. You have been warned! enter at your own risk, the Psycho Laboratory is back and nothing is gonna stop it.

Tracklist :

1.- Decerto – Nightwalk
2.- Neuromotor vs Cosmochaos – Absolute Arsenal
3.- Crazy Lions Cult – Animals
4.- Hyper Frequencies – Oxxo Mafia
5.- Painkiller – Net Cash
6.- Akros – The Cube
7.- Lost & Found – Hands
8.- Digital Talk vs Outer Signal – Higher Dimension
9.- Z3ro – Beatch
10 – Random vs Sentient – The Express

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