Universal Dance fest 2010 CHILLE – DEC 31 to 2nd


** We start a new session regarding reports and party announcements beyond the European region , especially for fests and parties with much interest by us as well as friends who are willing to join and give us info afterwards.

A festival born of the need for ambient psytrance extended to the spiritual level and lifestyle. One of our goals is to take spiritual practices and bring them to show the world that can be passed either in a healthy environment. We defend the animals and become aware of the damage to the economy created by the consumption of meat, therefore, advocate vegetarianism and consumption of substances such as Spirulina, amino acids and multivitamins, take care of our bodies internally and externally is essential to have a good standard of living and being happy. This is how we have this festival also a meditative atmosphere, where every morning the participants may take classes in yoga, meditation, Tai-chi, chanting, Tandava and skills classes, followed by vitamin juices and vegetarian meals. All this coupled with the best electronic music, wonderful lighting and decoration and performance art created a magical world around the audience.

Line up Internacional:

Xerox & Illumination (Israel)

Suntribe (India)

DNA (Israel)

Digital Sun (Australia)

Penta (Russia-USA-Portugal)

dj Druid (Irlanda)

2 thoughts on “Universal Dance fest 2010 CHILLE – DEC 31 to 2nd

  1. in what sense is not progressive? Yoga for instance is fine , but ok I think , we share the same opinion , actually trance scene was always connected with eso convictions somehow . but I like the line up of the fest

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