TD017 : Roommate : Pacific Tremors


Terminal Dusk Records & Roommate present Pacific Tremors. Featuring Justin McCauley as Roommate, Candice Barr as Candy Vox & special guest star Raoul Gonzalez as 6blocc.

Kicking off the record, the original Conquer (from TD015 Viridian) gets the remix treatment. Enter Californian 6blocc with an arsenal of heavyweight stabs, thunderous kicks & intense bass weight. 6blocc campaigns the troops & conquers the original.

To the flipside & Roommate unleashes the murky beast known as Dubstep Killa, featuring Candy Vox on the mic. Serious dancefloor carnage, eerie synths, gorgeous vocals & a monstrous bassline.

Ending the record with Lick Shot, a dubbed out cut with ragga samples, vibes & disgusting low end.

Justin McCauley maintains a prominent role in the dubstep movement in the Bay Area, California.
He has done work with 10 Bag Records, Positive Thought, Stupid Fly, S.C.U.M., amongst many others.
Justin is also one half of the legendary Babylon System (Argon, Hollow Point) & a member of OSC.


  1. A1 : Conquer (6blocc Rekut)
  2. B1 : Dubstep Killa (Featuring Candy Vox)
  3. B2 : Lick Shot

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