15 years Metalheadz , tribute to the legendary label at Icon Club Berlin Saturday 24th of October

A rather good event will take place this Saturday at the club Icon in Berlin , two of the most known djs /producers by Metalheadz are visiting Berlin  to celebrate the 15 years of Metalheadz. Unfortunately I cant advice you for the space because I never been there , probably drofnothing can comment about specific details . I will miss this event , therefore send me some pics and reports afterwards .. You can find more related articles in the insti2te concerning the Label or releases of the label here (1.) (2.) and a full documentary divided in 4 parts here

RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass:

Storm (Metalheadz/UK)
Doc Scott (31 Records/Metalheadz/UK)
N’Dee (Recycle)
White MC (Recycle/D)
MC Mace (Recycle/D)

15 YEARS METALHEADZ: deep, dark und kompromisslos.

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