an interview of zen lemonade availabe & Super cozi news

SUPERCOZIArtistpic-1Lovely news ,  Super Cozi and Gus Till gave an interview at web magazine concerning their future plans , talking about  life ,  music and the new record label/studio. Last year some friends from Athens got totally impressed by Super cozi’s live performance and dj set when She appeared on stage after a live P.A  of Juno reactor one of the most well known trance projects in the world. Super cozi is a progressive techno , deep and acid electro beats dj and with excellent live act performing skills from Tokyo. Tracks and albums have  released in various compilations in the past years such as the legendary Dragonfly records from the UK (in 2002 together with Gus Till under the name Zen lemonade , release an album which have recieved critical acclaim , at least acording her info page on myspace).

In 2005 , Super cozi now lives in Bali , she started her very own label named Espresso records. You can read the interview from musicmall magazine here as well as you can find updates and news at her myspace page or by visiting  super cozi’s  website

The work of Zen lemonade and Super cozi has attract  my music interests the past two years therefore I will post again more news whenever I got some updates.

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