my sound by Dillinja

frontBack to the old stuff once again. Last days I ve been listening many  of Dillinja’s previous work from my music files. Dillinja is a very prolific producer within the UK drum n bass scene from Brixton/London  with  over 500 releases produced since 91. A summary of the very best tracks all of these years are collected into the album “my sound” released  in 2004 by the UK Label Valve recordings . Tracks such as the  “angel fell” , which you can find on Platinum breakz by Metalheadz or the intro “my sound” are maybe two of my favorite tracks of this album. That doesnt mean nessasarily anything bad for the rest of the Album , furthermore how could be , Dilinja’s bass is super productive , look for instance “the rainforest” , “hardnoise” or the tudor rose . Well “my sound” by Dillinja is highly recommended and “must” to have the tracks who this guy considered as his best. 

check the track list bellow :


01. My Sound (Intro)
02. Forsaken Dreams
03. Friday
04. All The Things
05. Sovereign Melody
06. Acid Trak
07. In The Grind
08. The Angels Fell
09. Rainforest
10. Hard Noize
11. Muthafucka
12. Tudor Rose
13. Thugged Out Bitch
14. Threshold