Kombinat 100: Wege übers Land

kombinat100I was hanging around home with Drofnothing , listening some stuff , when I entered the room was playing Kombinat 100 – wege übers Land , an album released by Acker Records. Therefore I had the opportunity to listen  , get into the sounds of the Album quite carefully . Actually I kinda like it even If I’m not the biggest fan of this style (I rather prefer minimal stuff in that sense). House and techno beats combined more or less with Jazz stuff or disco beats. The wege übers Land as far as I read on the different sites and techno forums as well as Kombinat 100 have been lubricating dancefloors across Europe for a while. I think you should give a change to Wege übers Land , in fact is a good album , representing quite succefully the contemporary house scene.

artist: Kombinat 100

album: Wege übers Land

label: acker records

2 thoughts on “Kombinat 100: Wege übers Land

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