last Saturday in Athens Astron bar

October_astron_final2Last Saturday in Athens , we started hanging out in the cold streets of the city the temperature bellow 10. The basic idea was to visit a fancy bar with a house music line up somewhere in Gazi area. Gazi is the super stylish expensive area of the city center. Finally didnt really work out , the people in that bar were moody and lame , not much was going on obviously , it was  frustrating definitely. We decide to run directly to an other party and the Saturday techno searching  journey has started. We got some drinks for the way and one of the friends suggested to check if an other bar was open tonight named Astron bar. I was so excited because in the times I was living in Athens  Astron bar was one of my favorite locations.

It was really good idea and worked out perfectly. A guest dj was playing , his name bale night light , He was playing with turn tables really good stuff , house and tech house beats inspired all of us to dance for hours as well as everyone did in the bar. In fact Astron is a real underground place , in a city where the whole underground scene is falling apart. The parties are  rather weird/nasty parties the conditions shit , super expensive , the environment and the social vibes inexcusable.

The dj of the night gave me a paper with his blog , durring the short chat we had  and I would like to link it with our blog , I found it really interesting and usefull for electro music lovers. I found it really informative for new releases , especially for new fresh stuff and beyond. The address of the blog is have a look ..

a link with Astron bar myspace page you can find here

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