Athens: one more party recomendation for tonight

aniOk probably this is the weekend of the year in Athens.. Well yeah im kidding but I dont remember a weekend with so many good events the same night. We already wrote the previous days about two big events and today , we recieved one more announcement of a good event at the art house in Gazi. Live performances and dj sets will take place there with free entrance . It is certainly a good solution for tonight. You can have a look at the line up bellow.

>> SIDE LINER ( – (22.00) – DJ set


>> ZEN GARDEN ( – (23.00) Live

>> VIDEOGAME ORCHESTRA ( – (00.00) Live

DJ’s – Producers:

>> Colours Of Music (Athens, Gr) – (01.00) -DJ set

>> TOLIS Q (Quantized rec) – (01.45) – DJ set

>> GEORGE APERGIS (Modular expansion, FSI) – (02.30) – DJ set

>> NICOLAS DALES (Sonycreations) – (03.15) – DJ set

>> OPTIC WAVE (eqnation rec) – (04.00) – Live

>> AVIRON (Unicorn Music) – (04.45) – Live

>> MIKE RIZA Vs MEANDER (FSI, pluasuam) – (05.30) – *back 2 back DJ set

7 thoughts on “Athens: one more party recomendation for tonight

  1. Another event for tonight is the project party Encore III by Amateurboyz at Bios with

    Black Meteoric Star aka Gavin Russom (DFA) – live
    Assum Vivid Astro Focus (A.V.A.F.) – installation & visual show

    Live set electrodisco,Balearic-punk,re-edits,proto-house with video project for a better audiovisual installation..
    entrance 10 euros
    doors open 22.30

  2. LOL , this is the definition of a crazy weekend in Athens .. so many events , perhaps new dynamics as well as the people are getting more active??? lets see in the future.. so flybutter which party are you going to join tonight???? Im curious ..

  3. hi,
    we are coming from australia for new years in athens, will there be any drum n bass ,dub step new years parties? where?

    Perth ravers here!! big time..

  4. hey .. so brilliant that you sent us a message .. greetings to Beautiful Perth and raver dynamics of Australia. well I dont know any drum n bass / dubstep event so far , but I will definitely let you know as soon as I will get some information. you can mail me for further details before you arrive in Athens (we could meet if you like) at space.nowhere at .

    ps: I will mail you flyers and links If i find anything the next days

    peace and respect


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