hof gutow

Hof Gutow is a techno/house djane in berlin. little we know about her, since there is no official bio around. as for the name we have an explanation for you, it’s the name of a town in northern germany.

she played for the local label Klangsucht and we saw some pretty nice sets of her for example in the about blank. so no picture and no big text this time, just a DJ set from her soundcloud for you. keep your eyes open for upcoming dates (like today… see below).

you can attend a Hof Gutow set today, alongside Dachshund, Rodhad and others on this Klangsucht party at Ritter Butzke. Recommended party… unfortunatelly we’re out of the city this weekend.


3 thoughts on “hof gutow

  1. ok I didnt say anything about unique Hof Gutow .. By fresh I mean that in Berlin you can constantly find new stuff , new mixes , new tracks and so on. I think there is much creativity going on . I think that the set is not minimal but close to house , dont you think???

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