record reviews: Anthony Rother “in Electro we trust”

inelectrowetrustAnthony Rother as you probably noticed is one of my  favorite electro producers. Originally from Frankfurt/Germany  , owner of the label Datapunk.The “In Electro we trust” released in datapunk /december 2004 , compiled by Antony rother. It remains one of the best electro albums made by Anthony Rother since today. Truly electro is a good thing to trust especially when an interesting artist is taking care of. The in electro we trust is a essential collection of pure electro tracks that you heard many times in parties and so on. It would be great to have it for your archive and music collection. You can find a video of Anthony Rother live here

track list

1 Silicon Scally Gigaquad 5:54
2 Hacker, The Dans La Salle Des Machines 6:13
3 Rodent Intergalactic Hunter 5:30
4 Larry McCormick Escape 6:50
5 Dr. Scissors Basra 5:23
6 Frequenzberater Witness 6:38
7 Anthony Rother Freaks 5:31
8 Alexander Kowalski 1000 Eyes 5:35
9 Advent, The Houdinni 5:38
10 Soundfreaks We Don’t Care 4:26
11 Johannes Heil Brotherhood Of Snakes 6:00
12 TecRoc Radioactive Contamination 6:51
13 Anthony Rother & Billy Nasty Celebrate The Roots 5:46

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