November 2009 my 20 tracks selection


Already a year of . A year of cooperation among people with different aspects , music interests , coming from different cities. There is already a year when I was brainstorming in a ferry boat somewhere in North Agean sea  together with drofnothing , going to Samothraki Island , regarding the idea of creating a blog , a little contribution to the underground electronic scene in Europe and far beyond. After a year , we can easily say that the first step of our work is done. Insti2te is updated with new fresh stuff every day , announcements of parties , special editions , different genres and artists , record reviews , sometimes providing usefull information for various topics of electronic music and so on. We have provided  party and festival reports from alternative festivals all around Europe such as Fussion , Sonica , Ozora and many other good events which took place in Berlin , Athens , Budapest and beyond.

Insti2te is a project in progress , an experiment with some good moments and definitely a lot of mistakes.In the other hand insti2te is always a horisontal process of people , trying to stay connected with the ideas of radical social change , autonomy , providing information , contributing to a new popular counter -culture? . It is probably a way of encouraging people to organize their own events , parties , talks , workshops. My awareness/focus from now and the near future shouldnt be different than putting efforts into organizing some public events , speciffically workshops regarding particular topics , breaking out the virtual scale of this little blog , trying to get in contact with new people in real life , in fact offering space for new ideas , self organization and autonomy within the new rave movements??.Anyways lets see how it goes in the future. This is nothing else than a short note about our willingment of getting more active in the near future , establishing new social networks towards.

I ve continuately tried to find in my previous 20 tracks edition new fresh stuff or rather old but highly recommented in order to give you inspiration for listening artists and generally music that probably you didnt know much about before .The last month I had the idea to refer links which you can listen the tracks directly on last fm as well as finding more about the artists. A special thanks to friends for all the messages I recieved encouraging my idea. The next months I will try to make it even better. Please send me some short notes with your ideas how to make it better , perhaps by using soundcloud or other kind of software related??. Why not you dont  shooting  your ideas on the comment form? , it would be awesome

01. Dieselboy – symptom

02. luke envoy – gamma

03. Skream – Rutten

04. Loefah – Mud

05. kromestar-sub meditation

06. Antiserum & Ripple – Sound Biz

07. Noah D & Roommate – One Frequency

08. Milanese – Mr good news

09. Benga & Coki – ‘Night’

10. Babylon System & SPL – Shevil

11. Kromestar – Kalawanji

12. d1-cocaine

13. Dillinja-Dark Jungle

14. Adam F – music in my mind

15. Makoto and MC Conrad – Golden Girl

16. chris su solaris

17. Doc Scott – Ghostface Dubplate Mix

18. Lemon D – I can’t Stop

19. Lloyds Tsb Advert Sick Dubstep Remix

20. Pendulum – The Other Side (Dubstep Mix)


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