Autechre: Cavity Job single

Cavity Job was the first single ever released by Autechre in December 1991 on Hardcore records. I also found it on my music library some days ago , actually I had years to listen to this single as usual with the most of my old music stuff. This single was definitely influental for the early beginning of the electronic scene as well as it was influented by the rave/acid house of that time (late 80s – beggining of 90s) in the UK. It was originally released as a 12″ vinyl record with over of 1000 copies pressed (Side A “Cavity Job” – 6:25 and Side B “Accelera 1 & 2” – 6:58). I still  love it and for sure I guess it is still available and easy to find. You can find a previous record review of chiastic slide album  by Autechre here

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