Easy Star All Stars and the Wailers, in Athens

TheWailers along with Easy Star All Stars are playing in Athens at FUZZ club (Peiraiws & Hamosternas) tomorrow, Friday 20 of November and the day after, on Saturday, in Thessaloniki at Block 33. Little to say about the Wailers cause the rest is written in history..A famous band playing with great legends of reggae music like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Easy Star All Stars is also a world-wide known band famous to reggae and dub lovers. The album they released in 2003 called ”the dub side of the moon” based on Pink Floyd’s album was a very successful dub remix on these classic tracks as well as for some Radiohead tracks. Be there and you will experience an act that you can’t miss…

9 thoughts on “Easy Star All Stars and the Wailers, in Athens

  1. i don’t like this religious rastafari music at all. why do we have to feature stuff like the wailers here? i thought this blog was about progressive approaches to music.

  2. ok but keep in mind that fillyone is a newbie on the blog .. according to our consensus how our blog have to look like, I agree with your criticism but lets discuss it in public in order to avoid undesired occasions in the future. Actually it is a great opportunity to make clear some stuff .. so shoot your opinion 😉

  3. Hey mates! viewing your comments i started to think about the orientation of the blog.. i think that reggae, dub, ambient, chill, world music are all relative kinds of music. So.. considering this, the post for example from fancypank for Asura in athens, who Asura is an ambient genre project, should be discused before get posted?
    On the other hand i agree that reggae music, from its own, is not so progressive approach for the blog.
    But.. what we call progressive?

  4. How can you call The Easy Star All-Stars music religious? They are one of the most progressive bands out there taking on some of the most progressive albums every and transforming them into reggae.

  5. I guess progressive according drofnothing’s thoughts is something that is in development as a music style .Im not sure if Peter Tosh or others into reggae are still doing progressive stuff in that sense. But probably it is a long story what every person considers progressive and what not.

  6. i bet peter tosh doesn’t do progressive music. he’s dead.

    i was refering to the wailers and to rastafari concepts in reggae music. i don’t know the easy star all stars, but i’m not interested in hearing “the most progressive albums ever transformed into reggae”…

  7. (better late than never..)
    oh yeah, i’m new on the blog (nice to meet you all) and maybe i haven’t got it right..but, i have a basic question that would saved us from all this..shouldn’t the category cloud of reggae then be removed ?

  8. well your point is valid in one sense but in the other hand , I guess reggae category isnt the real problem. The content of your post that caused argument (with drofnothing) not reggae in general .

    It is a discussion in progress that it is taking place all the previous months on this blog concerning the “definition” of what is “progressive” and what is not . For instance I had also an argument with drofnothing once in Berlin by drinking coktails about drum n bass scene for similar reasons ..

    I see on this argument an interesting discussion which can lead us to some really good conclusions.

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