6th Sense Friday 20th/November/09 @ Secret Location London / UK

A rather full on interesting event will take in London tonight. I received the info via email but unfortunately  there is no flyer but who cares for a flyer when the party contains 3 stages full of electronic music. A psy trance stage , a minimal techno one and a chill lounge with live bands playing Reaggae dubs, MPB… & Djs playing ambient, Down Tempo music…. will probably attempt to satisfy everybody who will join the party. The people who  are organizing the event are celebrating all of those birthdays bellow
Leonardo 19th/nov 🙂 , Enrico Sorbello 21st/Nov , Dennis Wharton 17th/Nov, Paul Bowry 19th/Nov , Igneo Eien 22nd/Nov , Claudia Faraoni 23rd/Nov , Brianne Stolper 22nd/Nov , Nando Stenning 17th/Nov , Kevin Nobby 23rd/Nov , Roney Golan 28th/Nov.
Thanks for sending me this info , just to remind you that we love to support rather underground events from the various local scenes. We remain open to people who likes to announce parties on our blog.

So If you live or you re currently in London , have a look at this party .. the location remains a mistery to me but You can contact the organizers on facebook anyways ..
INFOLINES::: 07835338260 /// 07754436316


a video from last’s years party

PsyTrance Stage:

PsyKia (Mind Funk music) , Devi@nTT (Wonkay recs) , Nuky (Bomshanka music) , Liquid ross (Liquid recs) , Zeus (Roots) , Mr Strangelove (Wonky Disco) , Felix (Wonky Disco) , Nahoj (Nawarro tribe) , Conrad(Independance) , E303 (Antiworld) , Ataro (Indenpendance/ Mutagen)Minimal techno/ Electro Stage


PsyKia (MindFunk music) , Pieman (Broken) , Suteck (Pointzero recs) , Miss Mary Fairy (Wonkay recs) , Phara (The Loop) , Moon (Liquid recs) , Namitack (Electribe)


Sean Spinridrift , Christian Sky , Akindo & much more…

Funktion One Sound System
Full Uv Deco by Psychedemon
Full lights & lasers!
MindBlowing Visuals by Psytwins!

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