Asura live in Athens

This post is dedicated to my trance addicted friends which are many especially in Athens. Asura (a french based project , Lyon) for many years used to be one of the favorite bands in ambient trance circles especially in the south part of Europe. Since 1996, and its creation by Charles Farewell and Vincent Villuis, the project ASURA has polished a personal electronic universe sound, between psychedelic trance, Ambient and World music , released several good albums , most of them at ultimae records as well as several good EPs.I will certainly dedicated some lines next weeks or rather better ask Chrisoval to write something concerning their history , who really likes Asura.  I have no idea if they have visited  Athens before but anyways this time is a good oportunity to join a live P.A of them because the  event  is for freeh at Blend club organised by IT record shop for the 7 years of its existence.

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