1 year shituationist insti2te : Party reports best of

Today We start posting , what we consider as the best of this year , the fist year of this blog. The first part should be our best party reports from festivals as well as several good events from Berlin ,  Italy , Hungary and ……

1. Fusion Festival pics by drofnothing and thoughts report/evalution by fancypunk is probably the best party report of the year. All of our friends from Berlin as well as other cities in Germany joined possibly the best alternative festival and we had a great time.

2. Sonica Festival 2009 report and pics by drofnothing . A rather awesome report from this year’s  Sonica Festival that it took place near Rome follow the link and read more concerning the festival’s line up , drofnothing’s impressions and the location.

3. Report from Rechenzentrum closing weekend and the last openair party for 2009 in Berlin . We party hard that weekend. It was one of the best party weekends so far. First we went to Rechenzentrum ‘s closing weekend and we were dancing for hours and hours under house , techno beats and afterwards we went to a city mall somewhere close to Herman Platz. A party was taking place on the roof with a gorgeous  city view , sun was shining and the techno crowds of Berlin in action

4.  A photo report from Ozora Festival Hungary 2009. Our friends from Greece joined Ozora trance fest in Hungary and They sent us pics afterwards. Special Thanks to Michael , Manolis and Leonidas

5.  Als gab’s Kien Morgen at exkindl Brauerei in Berlin a report by Greenmojito from Budapest. A f#$%^n cool party in a rather BRILIANT location , an old beer factory in Berlin. The report from that party compiled by Greenmojito our shituationist contributor from Budapest.

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