one year shituationist insti2te : special edition best of

From the beginning of this blog till today , we put efforts once every month to present some of the artists who marked our music interests the previous decades and  recent year with due consideration . When we started the “special edition” session on the insti2te we tried to find ways to make it a good tool of information according  always our  electronic music concepts. We hope that all of these months special editions were useful , gave inspiration / motivate friends and readers of this blog. Special edition session of this blog should be make a next step ,  extending on a carefull research regarding rave counterculture experiments , temporary autonomy such as reclaim the streets as well as editions trying to evaluate , give an essential overview of genres. In any case we will continue writing for artists as well.  Bellow you can find 5 of  the probably best special edition for the year 2009.

1. a special edition for DEADMAU5 compiled by fancypunk ” using info from the official website , forums and wikipedia”

2. Brockdorf Klang Labor the crew that put the G in Leipzig “a special edition for one of our favorite electro bands from Germany by Drofnothing”

3. a double edition “record review and artist presentation (SHPONGLE) by chrysoval” ” one of the best trance projects ever SHPONGLE on the instit2te”

4. a special edition regarding Londoner drum n bass top artists Ed rush and Optical by fancypunk ” one of the numerous editions for drum n bass artists

5. an edition and “link” with the interview  of Zen lemonade by Fancypunk

ps the 5 links have not any order .. all of them are cool and We refused to give an order which is the best

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