Saturday on Freakuency radio 16.00-18.00 London, 17.00-19.00 Berlin(cet) and 18.00-20.00 Athens time “Breakz essentials” by spacenowhere (fancypunk)

Freakuency radio starts functioning this Saturday with one radio show including music selected by spacenowhere most probably known here as fancypunk , from the 90er drum n bass/jungle scene especially UK stuff and contemporary dubstep holly shit from the 00s. My idea for this radio show is based on a diversity of possibilities and ideas always from according the dnb , dubstep concepts , always trying to present something new.  Even though I made radio years before , experience is missing so every suggestion before or after the show is welcome. Please mail me at space.nowhere at . My purpose for this show is to make it as much useful as possible. So the plan for the show is   the first part /hour a glimpse on oldschool drum n bass mix and the second one , dubstep stuff probably trying to satisfy all? “how is this possible?”

so the exactly the plan for the show: starts 16.00 London , 17.00 Berlin , 18.00 Athens   and will end two hours later.

you can listen directly with winamp or lelated players here

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