Brighton Alliance of Sound Systems – Xmas party!

Oh yes party people in England still resist against party repression and surveillance ,still organizing free parties. The alliance of Sound systems in Brighton is organising tomorrow a free party at the venue,above Hare & Hounds,Preston Circus in Brighton , party starts 22.00pm. If you live near Brighton or in London seems important to show your solidarity to this free party culture initiative. As a reference I publish the description of BASS (Brighton Alliance of Sound Systems) which I fould interesting. If any of the organizers read my post please reply on the contact form with more info concerning the history of the collective , I would like to make a second post in the future

because free parties means free people , free people means free future

Alliance of Brighton’s free party sound systems, crews and ravers past, present and future. Promoting positive parties and responsible raving.

Due to a recent resurgence in free parties in and around Brighton, some of the original members of B.A.S.S have decided to resurrect the alliance as a network of free party organisers and people.

As before we aim to become a positive face of Brighton parties and will hold regular get togethers and legal nights in clubs giving everyone a chance to meet, share ideas and show case the massive amounts of talent that is at the core of Brighton Free parties.

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