Mix Countdown 1/10

fancypunk is doing a lot to give this blog a nice way out of the year. i thought what i could contribute to this, and here is what i came up with. the remaining days i will post 10 nice DJ mixes from 2009.

We are starting with a mix by our friend Schlendrian Klimperbeat from Berlin:

it’s called Uprising sun session, and here is the description:

a chilled but also partly very hard mix of good old 90s detroit stuff in combination with fresh minimal and house tunes..sometimes its a little bit bugged up,but actually very niiice

agreed 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mix Countdown 1/10

  1. thanks for your impressive comments mate , hope the second year of insti2te will be the beginning of a great improvement concerning the content of this blog .. cheers

  2. i really enjoy all your writing kind, very attractive.
    don’t quit and keep posting as a result it simply good worth to look through it.
    excited to browse through more of your current writing, have a great day 😉

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