what we were reading this year besides insti2te

Hello today a new edition of best 2009 concerning blogasphere and what we have remarked as our favorites blogs is here ;). Especially me and drofnothing , we have a look on them almost everyday or when ever these blogs have something new.

1. http://history-is-made-at-night.blogspot.com/ a blog by transpotine (datacide contributor) from London.

2. http://globalraver.blogspot.com/ Global raver is a good blog by Techno Tony , author of the book Global Nomads. It examines how bohemian expatriates are the main force behind global rave and club scenes . The blog owner most probably lives in the States.

3. http://brummkreiselpilotin.blogsport.de/ a cultural – political blog from Germany , most of the articles in German.

4. http://immomentvorbei.blogsport.de/ an other blog with  political , techno and antinationalistic concept from Germany .Also available in German

5. http://mancmusicprod.wordpress.com/ a personal blog by Albert Abbott from the city of Manchester

6. http://el.blogsport.de/ a cultural /political blog from Berlin available in German and english

7. http://datacide.c8.com/ the blog of Datacide magazine.

8. http://autonomousland.blogsport.de a personal blog against capitalism , with news and articles available in Greek and English

9. http://indymediacall.blogspot.com/ a blog with activist news from Budapest

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