the 10 most viewed posts of the blog according the statistics

I had a look on the statistics of this blog today and I think its interesting which posts are the most viewed this year. I give you 10 of the most popular articles(links) of shituationist blog  bellow.

1.views 2790 Special edition Deadmau5

2. views 807 Mafia Dance Festival 2010

3. views 619 Ska – P live in Thessaloniki

4. views 583 Fusion Festival 2009 announcement

5. views 556 Sonica Festival 2009 (reloaded)

6. views 500 Legalize it Festival Athens

7. views 376 photo report from Fusion Festival

8. views 307 Berlin bar 25 Bachstelzen wild renate and others (6th-7th March)

9. views 292 Gianni Vitello’s death

10 views 285 Deadmau5 I remember rave nostalgia short film and track

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