Life 89.2 fm reunion party “15 years after”

On Friday 22nd of January a reunion party of life Fm will take place in Athens. Few lines for people who don’t know what life fm 89.2 is about “special edition for the readers this month of the shituationist blog as well”. Dedicating some lines for life fm  means that we present something concerning history of electronic music in Greece. Truly for people like me lifefm is a legendary frequency , is history of Athenian dance music scene in general. It is the radio that we were listening for years non stop . Life fm is the first electronic music radio in Athens  , definitely part of the golden times of rave in Greece.

For some of us Life fm is also  a beautiful  distinct recollection of how dance music scene looked like 15 years ago. Perhaps today, my knowledge and the style of electronic music I’m listening doesn’t really meets the line up of the anniversary party for the 15 years of life fm. But in the other hand I would certainly like to attend , most probably because I will meet people who grew up with the radio:)I’m excited in the idea of having once again good time by talking  about the past years  and memories of our childhood…I still remember how disappointed I was when the radio  stopped functioning

Well if you think the same with me , let’s go to the party and listen popular stuff such as trance tracks etc..  well-known from the daily program of the radio. I consider this party  a good occasion (food) to discuss further what happened that years , maybe it  could give us a motivation for a good article concerning anti-history of dance music scene in Greece??

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