Dysphemic – dirty worm a new dubstep track

Our friend , Dysphemic , a  new Australian dubstep producer have made this track bellow , still unsigned and looking to release this track with a label. Email dysphemic0@yahoo.com.au for interest. Check out http://www.dysphemic.com for more tunes . You can read a previous post on this blog by me about Dysphemic here

One thought on “Dysphemic – dirty worm a new dubstep track

  1. i think it’s too boring, the kick just runs ordinary “dubstep”-rythm all the time, basically the cliché, not really inspired. the bass just wobbles along, also nothing special. it’s a dubstep track like thousands others. i would take it down a bit, do something nasty with the bass. this track sounds to me like someone has read the dubstep 1×1 on wikipedia and produced according to rules.

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